Access System Web

Model: DW-016

Microprocessor controlled wiegand format reader decoder. Provide:

-        1 wiegand reader port input;

-        2 x 16 LCD display for card number, site/facility code, bit number of read card; clock, ready sign and/or company name;

-        LED indicator for each successful read;

-        Micro switch to set clock (one switch to set 00:00:00 to sync clock with system);

-        input voltage: 5VDC;

-        watch dog protected.


Typical applications:

To check bit number, card number, site code of proximity card.

Add on real time clock for reader of ACS.


Model: DW-051

Microprocessor controlled expandable relay output board. Provide:

-        32 nos. NO/NC dry contact outputs per board;

-        output connection by 2 standard 40 pins IDE flat cable (each contains 16 nos. output), easy to plug and unplug;

-        each output relay paired with LED indicator for clear visual monitoring;

-        build on board with system LED as heart beat and watch dog to secure stable operation;

-        use RS232 interface and can be cascaded to expand to 8,192 nos. of dry contact outputs;

-        output port can be changed to input port by request order;

-        input voltage: 12VDC with regulated 5VDC output terminal (can use 5VDC regulated input instead of 12VDC).


Typical applications:

RS232 com port command of BMS/ACS to trigger DVR/CCTV matrix and/or other panel’s input.

Standalone automation system.


Model: DW-057

Microprocessor controlled I/O board. Provide:

-        4 wiegand reader interfaces (default 2 for IN/OUT readers and 2 for reader ports of dual reader controller board);

-        8 inputs with optical coupler protected (DC signal or can be changed to NO/NC general input);

-        4 NO/NC programmable general inputs;

-        8 dip switches initial setup for address and/or baud rate;

-        8 programmable outputs (LED indicator paired) with NC and NO terminals;

-        4 programmable voltage level outputs;

-        1 RS232 communication port;

-        input voltage: 12VDC with regulated 5VDC output terminal (can use 5VDC regulated input instead of 12VDC);

-        watch dog protected.


Typical applications:

Optical turnstile interface for access control system to cater anti-passback cases.

Real interlock interface to avoid delay locking of electric lock.